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We at SOS Children’s Villages Cambodia build families for orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children who have lost parental care. When children cannot live with their biological families or lose families due to various reasons, we give them a safe home, together with their siblings, and they can grow up in one of our SOS families.

We give children, who lost parental care, a second chance to build their lives. A loving home environment, loving embrace of a mother who will remain as the parent for the rest of their lives and the SOS siblings.






















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SOS Care Promise

How SOS Children's Villages ensures the best care for children and  young people


We focus on children without adequate parental care

We commit to focus our efforts on our target group: children without parental care or at risk of losing it who are living in vulnerable circumstances.

We position the SOS Children’s Village as a programme for child care and protection

We commit to a long-term presence and locally adapted services in the communities where we work. Each of our programmes provides and promotes a range of quality alternative care options and family strengthening services. When necessary to meet otherwise unaddressed needs of our target group, we also provide healthcare, education and humanitarian emergency assistance.


We promote family strengthening and strong gatekeeping and ensure the best care option for every child

We commit to identify the most suitable care option for every child according to the child’s best interests and in close collaboration with the responsible authorities.



We create a safe environment for children in all our programme

We commit to create a safe environment for children in all our programmes at all times by implementing child safeguarding measures and procedures in line with our child protection policy, international standards and best practices. We also insist that our partners do the same.

We promote and continuously strengthen the care profession

We commit to promote the crucial role of care professionals. We nurture both passion for and dedication to the profession, and encourage skills development. We do this because children have a right to quality care and need a caring and trustworthy relationship with someone they can rely on, every single day.


We enhance the integration of SOS families and vulnerable families in community life

We commit to enhance the integration of SOS families and vulnerable families into community life. The aim is for children and young people to build strong social networks that can support them throughout their life.



We provide individual support to achieve goals, improve gender equality and increase impact

We commit to support children and families on their journey to self-reliance. We do this through child and family development planning, addressing all aspects of life. We put a special focus on ensuring equal opportunities for girls and boys and thus on improving gender equality.

We promote education, participation and steps to independent life

We commit to support every child and young person in our programme in taking steps towards an independent life. This means securing access to quality education and supporting them to develop appropriate skills and work ethic to succeed in life.


We partner for supporting services and advocate for quality care

We commit to focus on our care expertise and partner for supporting services such as education, healthcare and economic empowerment. We also engage with governments and other decision makers to promote quality care.



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